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AF Advantech supplies a range of semi-automatic and automatic drum filling machines in Singapore. Applicable for filling general liquids – chemicals & industrial oil.

Drum Filling System

As the leading drum filling machine manufacturer in Singapore, we design filling machines with user simplicity in mind. Near complete automated systems allow you to achieve efficient and precise operations. Our drum filling machine prices are economical and thus suitable for businesses of all sizes.



Semi Auto Drum Filler is designed to fill general liquids, such as Chemicals, industrial oil, liquids that are not foamy. Filling Control by weight, accurate with high drumming output.

This filling machine designed focus on simplicity on set up. User friendly design without special training required for your operator.



Durable and value pack drum filler at economical price with sophisticated electronic functions to fill your drums accurately efficiently. State of art design with sleek outlook and simplicity for operation. Automatic lance rise and fall movement provide smooth and accurate filling operation. Premature ascent interlock prevent nozzle with-drawing from the drum before full cycle is completed. When filling is near the target weight, the pressure regulator is activated to reduce the flow. Thus a smooth dribble flow will ensure the filling precisely until the target weight.



Top Fill: Lance will lower into the drum bung-hole by approximately 50mm, suitable for non-foaming products.

Bottom Fill: Lance will lower into the bottom of the drum. When filling commences, the lance will rise gradually to the TOP FILL position and will remain in this position until the target weight is reached to fully rise to its original up position. Premature ascent interlock ensure nozzle must be fully closed before the lance can withdraw from the drum before fill cycle is completed.



This flameproof type explosion protected electronic load cell filling is designed for accurate filling in hazardous environment with safety for petroleum, chemical, kerosene, paint, organic solvent and so forth. Entire electronics is housed in the flameproof type housing complete with intrinsic safety barriers for connection to load cells. A fume extractor is included to extract fume emitted during filling.

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Drum on Pallet Explosion Proof Filling Machine is wisely used to fill flammability products. Whole filling machine provide explosion proof, can be used in hazardous environment. Automatic filling lance rise and fall movement provide smooth and accurate filling operation. Positioning of the filling lance is done manually by moving the lance pneumatically for right, left, forward and backward motion switch. Adopt high precision weighing scale, programmable logic controller, pneumatic control system, sturdy construction and indicator.



This pallet filler is specially designed for operator to move the filling lance manually for x and y axis easily with minimum effort. Pneumatic Brake system applies when filling position being locked. User friendly and high precision movement controls allow you to engage unskilled operator to operate this filler.

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Construction and Working principle:

The empty drums are fed from the infeed conveyor and reach the automatic filler via an accumulating roller conveyor. An assignment unit separates the single drums, the first drum is transported into the centering device where it is orientated. Thereafter, it is transported onto the filling station where it is de-capped, filled and closed. The filled and closed drums are transported onto the following roller conveyor for removed by forklift or Auto Drum Palletizer.

  • Automatic drum orientation, feeding, filling and discharging.
  • Operator only need to feed empty drums into conveyors.
  • Automatic filling with two stages fast/slow filling control.
  • Automatic pressure regulator that activate near the target weight.
  • Automatic transfer of filled drums into conveyors.
  • “No drum no fill” sensing with full interlocks for all operations.
  • Sliding doors for easy maintenance.
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