Fully Auto Single Drum Filling Line

Available Upon Request Only

Construction and Working principle:

The empty drums are fed from the infeed conveyor and reach the automatic filler via an accumulating roller conveyor. An assignment unit separates the single drums, the first drum is transported into the centering device where it is orientated. Thereafter, it is transported onto the filling station where it is de-capped, filled and closed. The filled and closed drums are transported onto the following roller conveyor for removed by forklift or Auto Drum Palletizer.

– Automatic drum orientation, feeding, filling and discharging.
– Operator only need to feed empty drums into conveyors.
– Automatic filling with two stages fast/slow filling control.
– Automatic pressure regulator that activate near the target weight.
– Automatic transfer of filled drums into conveyors.
– ?No drum no fill? sensing with full interlocks for all operations.
– Sliding doors for easy maintenance.