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Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer

AF Advantech supplies quality liquid filling machines in Singapore. High output and high precision is made possible by the an intelligent and advance filler. Additionally, parameter setting allows one-touch recall of preset values. Our line of liquid filling line include cosmetic, lotion, paint, filling, tin and margarine bulk filling machines.

Cream Filling Machine

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Semi Auto Ex-proof Open Top Pail Filling Machine suitable for filling Solvent based viscous liquid maximum weighing capacity up to 30kgs.

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Semi Auto Ex-proof Open Top Filling Machine suitable for filling solvent based viscous liquid maximum weighing capacity up to 15kgs.

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This AF Model ADD Series Semi-Auto Weight Filling Machine is one of the most intelligent and advance filler that enable to fill from 1 kg to maximum 30 kg packaging size. Full parameter and memories setting to allow “One Touch” to re-call pre-setting value and control etc…

Most ideal to fill viscous fluid such as paint, lacquers, lotions, shampoo, cosmetic and conditioner. Ex-proof version available upon request.

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Oil Filling Machine

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AF Semi Auto open top round cans filling line, designed to fill range from 1~20kg weight. Parameter setting with memories on filling system, auto adjustment with preset cans size and weight to be filled. Semi auto systems consists of two weight filling stations, auto lid press system and gravity conveyor. Others inline station such as belt conveyor(For ink jet system) and motion check weigher are optional  items can be integrated as an filling line.

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Semi Auto Ex-proof Drum Filling Machine for paint suitable for filling solvent based viscous liquid maximum weighing capacity up to 300kgs.

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This AF Fully Automatic Rotary 2 filling nozzles weight filling machine designed to fill Flammable Fluid such as Solvent based paint, lacquers and alcohol based products. Rotary indexing to guide tin cans into first (Prefill) and second (Final Fill) stations then index to lid auto placing station before being transferred out to conveyor press station. Machine control built-in with “No Tin Can No Fill” safety feature that eliminate splashing during filling.

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AF Fully Auto Tin Cans Gravity header feed tank filling machine performing filling, metal lid placing and pressing, servo control on filling nozzles that able to determine the product flow by viscosity.

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AF Fully Automatic Pail Filling Line designed for Metal Pail Denester, Filling, Closing and palletizing.

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Fully Automatic Palletizing system Stacking pattern can be programmed Auto Feed Pallet and discharge filled pallet.

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